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Enjoy Summer Youth Program 2023

The ENJOY Summer Youth Program provides opportunities for positive youth engagement during the summer program.  This is a 9-week program that provides a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, including visits to public parks, sports, conservation, music, talent demonstrations, life skills, media production, library days, neighborhood history, gardening, recycling, talks with business  and community leaders and more. Participants receive a weekly stipend and this program is for the Dunbar neighborhood program only.

Fun learning activities in the summer will help children maintain and boost their learning. Summer learning includes important academic skills such as reading and writing, and is also an opportunity to work on communication skills, independence, responsibility and self advocacy. 

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but with a little effort it can also be a great time for building new relationships and learning the importance of networking. 

Selected participants will need to provide a photo ID (student ID, driver’s license), Social Security card, direct deposit information (routing and account number for financial institution) and complete all government required documents (I-9, W9, etc.).  

The application to participate in the Dunbar neighborhood ENJOY Summer Program is currently unavailable.

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